3028ee5d-42f1-4a0e-8765-cb9de5d7a38aLead Psychic Tiffany Thompson has numerous degrees and awards and has been providing clients with professional guidance for decades.

By combining natural psychic gifts along with life coaching training and years of experience, she offers clients an experience like no other.

She offers a one of a kind satisfaction guarantee on all of our initial readings to prove the accuracy and quality that separates NJ Psychic from anything you have ever experienced before.

Choosing the right local Psychic is not as easy as finding the closest one from your home or office.  90%  people who visit Psychics on a regular basis see the same Psychic rather then visit many different professional psychics.

Call now (201) 647-9119 and take advantage of this no risk offer and let us prove that NJ Psychic will change the way you think about Psychics.

So how do you choose which psychic is right for you?


    • Atmosphere and personal comfort mean a lot.
    • You should not feel edgy, uneasy or distracted when you take part in your therapy sessions.
      A psychic session is a lot like visiting your favorite restaurant or taking your children to the same beach you went to as a child, their should be a certain comfort level to it that only you can feel or explain.
    • It should not be something that does not feel right, it should not be just logical or just because a friend reccomended the psychic to you.
    • It’s all about establishing a connection with your psychic and feeling a trust and comfort that cannot be explained.

Being on the same page

      • Making yourself clear is just as important as your Psychic therapist understanding your needs and wants.
      • Just like traditional therapy you and your Psychic should set a goal toward some realistic expectations, helping you make a shaky relationship more stable for example.

So many times I have had customers come in to my office telling me their therapists or psychic just did not understand what they wanted, many times I hear professionals say “they think that will make them happy but it won’t.” well the only way to determine that would be to accomplish the goal and let the person decide if that made them happy or not. It does not make sense to take a professionals advice to not chase your dreams and then live a life of regret not knowing if your goal would have brought happiness, many times it will not but their is only one way of knowing.

Comfort Level with NJ Psychic

  • Wasted time is exactly that.
  • We offer a satisfaction guarantee on our initial Psychic readings.  If you come in for any of our services; and decide it did not relate to you, you do not pay a single dime. no questions asked.
  • I want to prove to my new clients I am the professional that can help them achieve there goals, needs and even wants. through Psychic therapy we can envision your future and help lead you in the right path.